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What are the factors that influence the wear resistance of rubber driving belts

As a key mechanical transmission element, the wear resistance of rubber driving belts is one of its important characteristics in various industrial applications. The wear resistance of rubber transmission belts is mainly reflected in the selection of materials, structural design and manufacturing process.
Rubber drive belts are made from high-quality rubber materials that generally have excellent wear resistance. As an elastic material, rubber can quickly recover its shape when subjected to external impact and wear, slowing down the wear process. In addition, some advanced rubber transmission belts use special formulas and add wear-resistant agents and reinforcing agents to further improve the hardness and wear-resistance of the rubber to adapt to the needs of different working environments.
The structural design of the rubber drive belt also helps improve its wear resistance. Drive belts are usually made of multiple layers of rubber and fiber materials that are cross-woven. This structure allows the drive belt to disperse pressure and slow down the wear process when it is subjected to external forces and friction. At the same time, the texture design on the surface of the transmission belt, such as grooves, teeth, etc., also helps to increase the contact area with the transmission device and improve wear resistance.
The manufacturing process of rubber transmission belts also affects their wear resistance. Strict control and highly precise processes during the manufacturing process ensure that each part of the transmission belt is evenly and stably distributed with force, preventing local wear and failure. Modern manufacturing technology can also achieve special treatment of the rubber surface, such as covering the surface with a wear-resistant layer to improve the overall wear resistance.

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